22 March 2007

Power and Poise

Yesterday I was wearing my WWII-vintage sailor pants. They lace up the back (and I do mean up the back... half way up my back) and have a sixteen-button barn door on the front. They couldn't be more high-waisted without being a jumpsuit. They are dark navy blue wool and in nearly perfect condition, considering they used to sail the high seas some sixty-odd years ago. I wore them with a plain black top. Lately I really like being covered from head to toe; partly because it's 40 degrees outside and partly because I don't want leathery skin. But also, lately I've realized that covering your body forces people to see something else about you.

I really love women who can wear atypical and modest clothing, simple makeup, simple hair, and who all the while ooze intelligence and confidence.

I get tired of hearing women equate their power with their sexuality, as if it is only in their sexuality that they have power. These are the women who exploit themselves and their sexuality to feel some sense of power. (Think Madonna.) How much more interesting is it to be in the presence of a woman who commands respect and speaks knowledgeably, and who doesn't have to vamp herself to be heard. (Think Katharine Hepburn.)

19 March 2007

RIP Eliana Ramos

Her sister, Luisel, died of an anorexia-related heart attack last year. Last month, Eliana, 18, also died of an anorexia-related heart attack. They were both catwalk models.

15 March 2007

Ugliest Bag To Date

This Louis Vuitton Tribute Bag is $42,000. I wouldn't pay $42 for it.

What about this bag could possibly justify the price? Is that real Aztec gold? Is it filled with Italian white truffles and beluga caviar?

Does anyone know of an uglier bag? Do tell...

14 March 2007

picture du jour: Kate Bosworth, V Magazine

Since she looks like a tree shedding its leaves, this might've been more apropos in the Fall issue.

11 March 2007

Too Darn Hot

Because I'm spending my lazy Sunday watching Kiss Me Kate, here is a picture for you. Do you know that Ann Miller could tap her foot 500 hundred times a minute? Do you know that Howard Keel was a sexy beast? He could tame this shrew.

08 March 2007

Best Outfit I've Seen In A While

I love this effortless look from Shiva Rose McDermott.

(pic courtesy of Style.com)

06 March 2007

She Wears it So Much Better

She wears it so much better than Kirsten Dunst.

Outfit I Want Now: Deanna Durbin

I want Deanna Durbin's outfit for Spring. Look at the shoes! For those of you not familiar with Deanna Durbin, rent Three Smart Girls immediately.

Life and Art

My friend Sam's mate, Roxe, was killed recently in Cardiff. He was a graffiti artist. Here's a memorial site for him featuring his work, and under "beats" you can hear his brother's rapped eulogy. In the gallery there's a particularly poignant picture of Roxe spraying "Evil". It got me thinking about Life and Art and who is imitating whom.
Paradox though it may seem--and paradoxes are always dangerous things --it is none the less true that Life imitates art far more than Art imitates life. [...] they knew that Life gains from Art not merely spirituality, depth of thought and feeling, soulturmoil or soulpeace, but that she can form herself on the very lines and colours of art and can reproduce the dignity of Pheidias as well as the grace of Praxiteles. Hence came their objection to realism. They disliked it on purely social grounds. They felt that it inevitably makes people ugly, and they were perfectly right. We try to improve the conditions of the race by means of good air, free sunlight, wholesome water, and hideous bare buildings for the better housing of the lower orders. But these things merely produce health; they do not produce beauty. For this, Art is required, and the true disciples of the great artist are not his studio imitators, but those who become like his works of art, be they plastic as in Greek days, or pictorial as in modern times; in a word, Life is Art's best, Art's only pupil. - Oscar Wilde
What art is life imitating right now on the runways, or elsewhere?

04 March 2007

Love Lily Allen?

If you've wanted to raid Lily Allen's wardrobe, or at least steal a few of her dresses, you're in luck. Lily is coming out with her own line, Love Lily, this year. This could be the best singer-turned-designer event since Gwen Stefani launched L.A.M.B. Personally, I'd like to raid her jewelry box and closet.

Les Pommes de la Mode

(pics courtesy of elle.com)

Everybody's Talking About: Catherine McNeil

Last season Agyness Deyn was the freshest face on the runway. This season, everyone's talking about Catherine McNeil. The seventeen year-old Aussie model is hitting her first runways, and opening for shows like Givenchy (walking ahead of fellow Aussie and top model Gemma Ward; Carmen Kass and Jessica Stam). Not a bad Fashion Week debut. The New York Times just published an article on her.

Sure, she's beautiful and bears a striking resemblance to Isabeli Fontana, but I'm not sure what makes her so exceptional. Agyness's look is unique and fun. Catherine almost blends into the crowd of models.

Am I wrong?

Maybe I just don't know what constitutes exceptional beauty anymore. But that's more or less what the New York Times article is saying. The beauty 'ideal' changes as often as the fashions.

Who are the timeless beauties? Are today's top models really timelessly beautiful?

Sunday Afternoon

Currently reading The Stranger by Albert Camus and listening to Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder. My favorite movie most recently seen is Half Nelson. Ryan Gosling is devastatingly good in it.

Wearing a $5.99 vintage dress that is navy blue satin, with a boat neck, true waist, and a painstakingly pleated skirt to the knee. I'll try to post a picture of my latest finds soon. I think I've purchased five cardigans this week. I'm obsessed.

Wearing two new (but antique) gold bangles that cost $1 each. Just saw Jessica Stam wearing an identical one in the new Vogue that I know didn't cost $1.

Enjoying my new balayage. I was inspired by Carrie's lazy grow-out in Sex and The City, season four I think. I want hair that I can let grow out lazily. It's similar to Gisele's summer-highlights-grown-out look.

Spent the afternoon in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Went to the B&O Espresso with Anje and ordered drip coffee and oatmeal. Their oatmeal comes with pecans, dried apricots and golden raisins. It's as good as a $7 bowl of oatmeal should be.

It's always nice to be in the B&O. The decor is so varied and beautiful, and in parts very Parisian. It's worlds above the average chain café, and the only place in Seattle that feels European in the slightest.

When I have a place of my own, I want it to have checkered tiles and purple walls with random pieces of antique furniture and vibrant artwork.

And lots and lots of coffee.

I start at the University of Washington on the 26th of the month. I can't believe that I'm 22 and only a junior, but I suppose it's for the best. My half-assed approach to my studies thus far has allowed for a lot of globetrotting. I'm excited to study again though. I'm finally ready to study.

Chloë Sevigny

I have to admit to having a bit of a girl-crush on Chloë Sevigny. I don't know that I've even seen any of her work, other than Boys Don't Cry, but I can't help but crush on people who exude un-genericness. (Is there a more eloquent word for 'un-genericness'? 'Originality' seems too generic a term, ironically.)

My friend, Elizabeth, lived in the same West Hollywood apartment building as Chloë Sevigny. She used to see her hauling laundry in the hallway and see fat packages (scripts) shoved in her mailbox. Part of me wanted to be uncool and try to see her 'in passing' and then fanatically blurt, "I love your style... I love how you make stringy hair look amazing and how you never wear what everyone else is wearing and how you've always worn high-waisted jeans and how you don't always try to look 'pretty' and you always look comfortable in your skin." But pride and reason prevailed and prevented me from stalking her in her own apartment.

She's not empirically attractive; or maybe I should say she's not traditionally attractive. At any rate, she's never sold out or conformed to the parochial tabloid 'fashionista' trends.

Here she is in Luella at the premiere of Zodiac. Her dress reminds me of tulips, and even more of YSL two years ago. But I love it and its pockets. And I love that she can wear it without looking like a Barbie.

(pic courtesy of style.com)

03 March 2007

"What's This Baby's Butt Doing Where Your Face Should Be?"

It's been a while since I've written about a product I like, but after I used Dove's new SkinVitalizer yesterday, and my sister exclaimed, "What's this baby's butt doing where your face should be?", in reference to the smoothness, I couldn't resist writing a blog with the same title.

Dove's SkinVitalizer is an at-home facial system that includes a hand-held facial cleaning device and little textured sponges. Anyone who's used Dove before knows how good it smells, and this product is no different. It's like facial massage and aromatherapy in one.

I gave both my sister and I both mini-facials and we loved the results: skin that glowed and felt smooth as a baby's bottom. I'm a tough customer, usually displeased with every product I buy, but I think I might become a little obsessed with this one.