31 August 2006

Words of Wisdom: Vivienne Westwood

"Liberty: Throw Away The Key"

Scarlett in Venice Part Deux

I used to get annoyed with Scarlett Johansson for always dressing like an Old Hollywood movie star. But, I've forgiven her because, 1) she always looks amazing, and 2) if I could always dress like an Old Hollywood movie star, I would.

This look is a tribute to Gilbert Adrian who was responsible for dressing the brightest stars of the 1940s. Think Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, and more. Note the slim waist, broad shoulders, high collar and floor-length skirt.

30 August 2006

The Best Face of Fall

I was so excited when I saw that Donald J. Pliner had found a new face. The last one, 'The Poor Man's Donatella Versace' shall we call her, definitely needed to be retired. This one's just so, uh, fresh and young. And cute...

Scarlett in Venice

So look, I know that this outfit doesn't follow the rules of convention, but maybe that's why I like it. She's wearing a baggy top with baggy shorts; she's combining red and pink; the blouse is questionable and the ensemble might be altogether too casual for a movie premiere. Here's my defense:

First, Scarlett's beautiful enough to wear a potato sack.

Second, I love people who don't make the obvious choice. She could've put on a little conservative summer dress and worn an 'it' heel, but she chose this.

Third, she looks comfortable, not bound-up and overexposed.

Fourth, Rachel Zoe would never approve... and that's reason enough for me.

The Bob Is Back

The inverted bob haircut is back in a big way. Below Christina Ricci and Natalia Vodianova demonstrate the look. Christina's sleek, black bob and Natalia's red bob both look Art Deco/Roaring Twenties Flapper à la Louise Brooks, while Natalia's pink, choppy bob looks more punk or even mod.

Behnaz Sarafpour Right on Target

Behnaz Sarafpour's line for Target is perfect for what it is. It's certainly better than anything else you can find at Target. The previous Go International lines have been somewhat underwhelming, but I think I'd wear just about everything in the current line. The line features classic styles, luxe fabrics like velvet and taffeta, and cocktail dresses and minidresses. Here are some samples:

Take a Look!

I Want It All

I have no idea who this person is, or what she's wearing, but I want it all.

That sweater is cellophane-thin, but somehow it looks very soft and cozy. The color combining going on is perfect for Fall: gray jeans, black flats, white T, camel cellophane/sweater and a brown bag.

Let me know if you have any idea where this sweater is from!

Patent Leather Pumps

These Delman shoes remind me of movies from the 1930s and looking through old Sears catalogs from the 1930s. They're really the classic pump. I've noticed a few low-end shoe companies selling imitations for Fall (Payless, for example).

29 August 2006

Little Black Cardigan!

I was so excited to see this picture on The Sartorialist. Wasn't I just saying how perfect little black cardigans are? Yes! I was! They're even amazing on the men folk. Take note:

Boyfriend Jeans

Skinny jeans are (obviously) really popular, but another up-and-coming trend is boyfriend jeans. I'm all for the baggy boyfriend look because, let's face it, some days it's just daunting to put on skinny outfits. Here are some I like by Lux.

Buy them here.

Also, if you want some overalls like the ones seen on the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway, but you don't have a Marc Jacobs budget, here are some from Lux:

Buy them here.

28 August 2006

LBC: Little Black Cardigan

I think a Fall staple should be a little black cardigan. It's timelessly chic and completely versatile. It's nearly impossibly to look unkempt in a LBC. Throw it on with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, a pair of leggings, with a skirt or dress or even shorts. It's impossible to go wrong. Plus, they come in so many varieties (from cropped to kimono) so there's something for everyone.

Elie Saab
Miu Miu
Yves Saint Laurent
Peter Jensen

Go Shopping!
Cynthia Vincent
Ya Ya

Belt Bible

Belts are everywhere, and the fun part about them is the variety they offer. I like adding a colored belt to an otherwise neutral outfit. (Like a big red belt over a gray sweater.) Here are some ideas:

Alessandro Dell'Acqua (add a waist to a big sweater)
Dolce & Gabbana (add an empire waist to a dress, or a skirt that's hiked up!)
Central Saint Martins (turn a minidress into a cute babydoll dress)
Peter Jensen (what better way to pull an outfit together than to literally pull it together with a belt binding ALL the layers?)

27 August 2006

The Emmys Review II

BEST: Julia Louis-Dreyfus wears a simple and elegant gown by Narciso Rodriguez. I love that she avoided the huge blowout and tacky bling. She's so inconspicuous and classic with understated makeup and a small cluth.
WORST: Vanessa Minnillo was way off-the-mark in a bejeweled tea-length almost-slip-dress. The pornstar cleavage and hair are totally cheesy for the Emmys. She should've saved this one for the MTV Video Music Awards, or just ditched it altogether.

The Emmys Review

Dark Days

No Straps Attached

Givenchy Bag: Nightingale Meets Novak

This Givenchy purse is one part Florence Nightingale and one part Alexander McQueen's Novak bag and altogether fabulous.

Daria, Jean and Jane

Daria reminds me so much of icons before her time, like Jean Shrimpton and Jane Birkin.

Agyness Deyn: Supply and Demand

I have taken it upon myself to promote the hell out of Agyness Deyn. I first posted on her a few weeks ago when there were only eight
Google results for her name. Now there are thirty-three.

Because I'm able to track page referrals for this site, I have seen a massive influx of international traffic due to my post on Agyness on August 14th, most likely because I Hate Generic is the first link that pops up on Google.

Obviously people are searching for her so I'm posting again.

Keep Googling her! The Google results are increasing every day and that can only do good for her career. Supply and demand, supply and demand.

The Ultimate Make Up

Look at this amazing little palette from Make Up For Ever called the Twelve Flash Color Case. It's pricey ($93), but imagine the possibilities. You can quadruple (or more) the potential of any one item currently in your makeup bag. A red lipstick can be turned plummy with a bit of blue. Or pink with a bit of white. Or autumnal-orange with a bit of brown.

Each color can also be used by itself for a shock of pigment.

I think this might be my next splurge.

26 August 2006

Faceless Fashion

I don't want to show the face of this singer because it upsets me and it's looking more and more inhuman.

However, she wears this outfit extremely well and has killer legs.

I love the belt, shoes and jewelry.

Tip Of The Hat

I don't believe that people wear hats nearly enough. And when I say hats, I do not mean beanies or ballcaps. I mean real, classic hats. One of my favorite things about old movies is hat-watching. Have you ever see His Girl Friday with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell? You should. There are so many fabulous hats to watch.Or how about An American In Paris with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron?Or how about any movie with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers?I decided to assemble some hats from the Fall runways to inspire/encourage people to start wearing hats.