30 September 2007

I Couldn't Help But Notice...

Carrie on the Runway, and Dsquared in Milan

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28 September 2007


I've been seeing a lot of pictures surfacing from the Sex and the City movie, but this is the first Carrie Bradshaw outfit I am excited about. Fabulous, fabulous socks.


21 September 2007

Vogue India

The first ever Vogue India hits newsstands today. There are so many stunning Bollywood women, I wonder why Gemma is on at all?


03 September 2007

Smart Shopping or Ersatz Elegance?

Smart Shopping or Ersatz Elegance? To be or not to be generic? Read more here.

Any opinions?

02 September 2007

Computerized Chloƫ

I can't wait to see Chloƫ Sevigny's new line.

Gawker says: "Check out the umlaut! Judging from the analogue angularity of it all, we're looking forward to her early Gameboy fall collection. Who can say no to a Tetris camisole and a deconstructed minimalist Donkey Kong shrug?"

Could you say no?