27 December 2007

22 December 2007

Dude, fool jacked my threads.

The fellow on the right is Ted Honderich, who apparently thinks he's smart because he promulgates controversial philosophies. Fine, maybe he's clever when it comes to books, but this don's gotta work on developing a look of his own.

21 December 2007

Agyness, is that you?

This is supposedly Agyness Deyn for Armani's new cell phone. What have they done to her face? Something's awry... her lips are way bigger, her eyes are wider... I'm confused.
I know makeup is partly to blame, but why did they turn a fresh-faced, towheaded Mancunian into an exotic, Christy Turlington-looking bombshell? Why didn't they just use Christy Turlington?

19 December 2007

Clan Destined

With all the plaid around, I decided to look into my own connection to tartans. Like many people, I have a pan-European heritage, including Scotch, English, Dutch, Czech and French. My Scottish ancestors were from the Kennedy clan. I am named after the Scottish island Ailsa Craig and my name in Gaelic is Aillse. As a child, I did Highland dancing (and thought I was alone till I found out my friend, La Femme, Highland danced as well!).

The Kennedy seal - "Consider The End" (how ominous):
And the Kennedy tartan:Does anyone else have any clan pride that they're willing to wear on their sleeve?

Style, Elle



18 December 2007


Inspired by Marion Cotillard, I decided to add a red belt to my otherwise bleak outfit.

17 December 2007

Berlin Beauty

The Face Hunter caught this lovely Berliner wearing the fur hat I talked about last week, and my favorite accessory: excessive gold.

Style Icon of the Day: Rita Hayworth

I give you the stunningly beautiful Spanish-American singer, dancer, actress, Margarita Carmen Cansino. If you haven't seen her in anything, I recommend Gilda.

Paired Plaids, Again

Kate Hudson and her girl-boy. She's wearing paired plaids, which I find totally endearing.
Photo from Just Jared

In Suspense

Vogue, Elle and Interview are all pushing black suspenders, apparently. I like suspenders, but I'm nervous that they'll turn into the post-Avril ubiquitous necktie. Ugh.

Overdoing Oversized

I almost always wear massively oversized grandfather cardigans. They're comfortable, warm and all-purpose. But this look, featured on Hel Looks, intimidates me. Even Andre the Giant would be swimming in this hoodie.

Amy Adams, Risk-Taker

I'm not immediately in love with this massive bow, but Amy Adams still looks adorable. She's pretty risk-taking for someone only recently in the limelight. Do you remember what she wore to the Oscars?

P.S. The new shoes are killer, too.

Photo Source

I Love You Madly, Madly Marion

I've previously expressed love for Chanel, Marion Cotillard and red accessories. Imagine my delight to find them all combined.

16 December 2007

I Dabble in Hair

I've become the de facto hairstylist and makeup artist for most of my friends and family. I don't mind at all because I enjoy having creative outlets and executing the concepts I have rattling around my head.

I've been doing Anje's hair for a few years and I love that she lets me take liberties. Here's a past look. This week, we decided to do something avant-garde and asymmetrical. Even though it was a triple color process (she recently had black hair) and took about three and a half hours, I love the way it turned out:

15 December 2007


I just watched Zwartboek and feel I'd be remiss if I didn't post pictures of the amazing Carice van Houten and her wardrobe.

14 December 2007


Check out this New York Times article on being more eco-savvy.

Miu Miu's commedia dell'arte.

Thanks Style.com

13 December 2007

White Booties

The Sartorialist shot this lady and her lovely booties in London.

11 December 2007

A Completely Un-Generic Presidential Candidate

If there's one thing I hate, it's generic politicians. Barack Obama is not generic, and I had the pleasure of meeting him this evening.
(Since this is a fashion blog, I feel obliged to report that he looked dapper and well-tailored.)

New Shoes

New Mary Janes, two-textured (shiny toe, matte body).

New $9 boots. They're grey (hard to tell) with a little gold buckle, and handmade in Spain.

The Trollsens

PETA is taking on the fur-loving Olsen twins. Not only do the girls wear it often, but their own fashion line features fur. Here's the new "Trollsen" website.

Also, according to its website, at noon today PETA is unveiling some "publicity that will have [the Trollsens] running away faster than if they'd spotted a calorie." It features unflattering photos of the twins and the tagline, "Fur Is Worn By Beautiful Animals and Ugly People." Never one to miss an opportunity, PETA will unveil the ad at the Olsens' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
WARNING: If you don't wear fur, do not subject yourself to the featured video on the Trollsen website. PETA's notoriously graphic videos are enough to make any person with an ounce of compassion, a) vomit, or b) vomit and then grab a can of red paint and start slinging it.

If you wear fur, watch the video.

09 December 2007

Getting Our Boris Pasternak On

John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas did the ushanka-looking fur hat way before Sienna Miller or me, but I think he was wearing it the same year the Julie Christie Doctor Zhivago came out.

I realize I'm no Julie Christie, but the Doctor Zhivago look is actually kind of fun. (P.S. My hat is faux fur, but I cannot vouch for Mr. Phillips, Ms. Miller or Ms. Christie.)

07 December 2007

A Not-So-Generic Style Icon

"Flames are reflected in the glasses of Hollywood actress and UNICEF ambassador Mia Farrow after lighting an Olympic-style torch together with survivors of Bosnia's genocide in Sarajevo December 7, 2007. Mia Farrow and fellow activists began an Olympic-style torch relay through countries that have suffered genocide to press China to help end abuse in its ally Sudan's Darfur region." - REUTERS

06 December 2007

I Can't Wait For The Clothes

The trailer for the Sex and the City movie was released today. It doesn't give much away plot-wise, but the clothes are looking exciting. I'm honestly not holding out much hope for a great story, but I'll absolutely go to watch the outfits.

Thanks to Just Jared for photos.

04 December 2007

Photo of the Day

While Agyness poses, PETA protests