12 August 2009

What Should I Wear to a Premiere?

I have an extremely busy travel schedule coming up, which will include eight cities on two coasts in two weeks. Or ten cities, including layovers. It's hard to call that kind of travel vacation, but that's what I'm calling it.

I'll be vising friends and family in Seattle, and helping with a photoshoot. Then I'll head down to LA for a film premiere (and a total of thirty hours in LA). Then I fly back to New York, and six hours later take a train to New Haven, Connecticut. The next day I'll drive up to Montreal for a wedding, turn around the next day, and drive back to New York.

Then I move into a new apartment, and a few days later I leave for Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

I'm exhausted just talking about it. So, in order to cut back on things to think about, I'm requesting advice: what should I wear to the premiere?

Look forward to hearing feedback!


02 August 2009


On Friday, Manhattan seemed to have been hit with monsoon weather. It was humid and miserable, and that was before the massive downpour of warm rain. I had been running around all day, getting soaked, stomping in puddles, looking like a drowned rat, but somehow my friends coerced my into going out. Despite the fact that I was wearing wellies and looking waterlogged, I agreed.

On the train into midtown, I sat next to this charming transsexual, who looked exceedingly glamorous, waving her black lace fan and wearing gaudy rhinestones. I felt like even more of a schlub.
Boots: Festival by Hunter. Bag: Garnet XL with chain by Coach.