02 August 2009


On Friday, Manhattan seemed to have been hit with monsoon weather. It was humid and miserable, and that was before the massive downpour of warm rain. I had been running around all day, getting soaked, stomping in puddles, looking like a drowned rat, but somehow my friends coerced my into going out. Despite the fact that I was wearing wellies and looking waterlogged, I agreed.

On the train into midtown, I sat next to this charming transsexual, who looked exceedingly glamorous, waving her black lace fan and wearing gaudy rhinestones. I felt like even more of a schlub.
Boots: Festival by Hunter. Bag: Garnet XL with chain by Coach.

1 comment:

S.A.A. said...

I wish that when I got on the train in Brisbane, Australia that I could have an interesting person such as Ms.Transexual sitting next to me ha ha I guess those wellies came in use quickly!

xx SAA