01 July 2009

Wherefore Art Thou, Summer?

Well, it's July 1st and this is the weather forecast for New York City:

Thank goodness my new boots arrived from Gilt Groupe. I jumped on them because they're so cheap off-season, but apparently, based on the ominous weather report, I won't have to wait till autumn to make use of them.

Waiting for the inevitable muggy heat are my other new shoes: python gladiators with gold lining. Every girl should own a pair, right?


Ivania said...

those boots!!

Fashion Minute said...

Muggy-humid or rainy? This hasn't been New York's best summer for weather.

I'd probably just start rocking the glads rain or shine.


I live in pittsburgh and it's been a horrible summer here too. But I've been rocking out my sandals, rain or shine.