23 September 2006

The Smackdown... It's Starting Already

Sorry if you're tired from models-are-skinny-and-people-are-upset posts. There are endless news stories on it and it fascinates me.

Milan has just announced a 'code of conduct' for models.
Speaking at the show, the city official in charge of coordinating the new code of conduct - and promoting the city's fashion industry - said it sent out a clear message that Milan was not prepared to tolerate the exploitation of vulnerable young women with their hearts set on a modelling career. "We will work together with modelling agencies, with the chamber of commerce for fashion and with doctors to ensure that - above all - modelling agencies and stylists do not favour this phenomenon of anorexia." Milan's first woman mayor, Letizia Moratti, has backed the campaign to ban anorexic-looking models. Under Milan's new code, which is due to come into force in time for the next fashion week, in February, models will have to carry a medical certificate showing they are healthy. In addition, younger, school-age models will have to be accompanied by a tutor or guardian.
What are your thoughts? Will this prevent anorexia in impressionable models?

21 September 2006

The Skinny on Skinny

The New York Times has an article on the ongoing issue of too-skinny models.

Everyone knows models are too skinny, but it seems that people are making such a fuss that things are actually being done about it. I wouldn't be surprised if strict rules and regulations regarding the health of models were instated this year.

If casting directors have to walk out of the room from nausea after seeing a model, you know there's a problem. Even Jessica Stam is complaining.

I knew a model in LA who was absolutely stunning. She was 6ft tall and couldn't have weighed more than 130lbs. She moved to New York and was told by her agent she had to drop 10lbs.

Hana Soukupova is one of the models who looks especially as if she should be in an article in The National Geographic on famine in The Sudan.

20 September 2006

One Of These Pictures Is Lying

This doesn't have anything to do with fashion, although I could easily rail against whatever Mariah Carey is almost wearing in either of these photos. I just wanted to point out that her legs are roughly thirteen inches longer in the photo on the right. Not to mention slimmer. I understand that people have weight fluctuations, but people don't typically have limb-height fluctuations. Unless she's had considerable bone density loss in the last ten years and has begun the aging process with a bang. In which case, she needs to drink more milk. Milk builds strong bones.

Looked Better On The Runway

Once again, Jessica Simpson had tainted a perfectly good dress. This one (Oscar de la Renta, Resort '07) looked so much classier on the runway. She has the wrong hair, makeup and shoes for it. The neon-bright blonde (and distracting flip) and the loud makeup detract from the beauty and airy quality of the dress. On the model it looks soft and fluid. On Jessica Simpson it looks foo-foo/beauty queen-obnoxious. Ms. Simpson should try an understated look from time to time.

And the shoes... the shoes. What was she thinking? They're entirely the wrong era for the dress. When you're wearing a taffeta dress that's covered in red polka dots, you don't need red heels that tie up your calf. It's overkill.

19 September 2006


I'm trying to alter the site a bit, and in the mean time I'm experiencing all kinds of technical difficulties. I lost all the info for the blogs I was linked with. If I linked with your blog, please let me know and I'll add you back onto my links list.

Sorry. Hope this all gets back to normal!


Sunset Strip

Jay McCarroll

Project Runway alum Jay McCarroll has been very unproductive in the last few years, sartorially anyway. Finally he's had his debut and has wowed the Marni pants off of just about everyone. McCarroll named Benetton as an inspiration, but perhaps he should've listed Chevron and graphing paper; there were a lot of v-stripes and squares.

Todd Lynn

Why am I getting a Robert Palmer vibe from this Todd Lynn suit?

Danielle Scutt

Call me a goody-goody or a prude, but I don't think I'd wear these pieces. Perhaps Danielle Scutt is more prone to exhibitionism than I am. Or maybe she's just European, and I'm just American. Whatever the reason.

London Fashion Week: TopShop Unique

Lots of jumpers and yellow (I mean jumpers in the American sense), but these were my favorites:

18 September 2006

Roland Mouret For Gap, Kate Moss for TopShop

I don't have any details beyond this, but I'm a tad flabbergasted.

Roland Mouret has designed a capsule collection of dresses for GAP UK. The main piece is a fuchsia dress with a dark purple top and black straps.

How have I not heard about this yet? Maybe because it's just for Gap UK? At any rate, I'll be living in the UK as of next week and might have to check this out... despite my boycott of Gap.

There's also a rumor about Mouret doing a television program with Victoria Beckham. Yikes.

The next rumour is that Kate Moss will be designing for TopShop. I'm sure she'll come up with something smashing and I'm glad I'll be there to witness the stuff firsthand. But honestly, I'm getting a little sick of her name. There's too much of a good thing, you know. She's got 14 contracts, does she really need a clothing line?

This is all getting too weird and convoluted for me... what's next? Phoebe Philo for American Eagle? Marni for Mervyn's? Viktor & Rolf for Abercrombie & Fitch? Nothing surprises me anymore.

Double Take

Sass & Bide v. Jeffrey Sebelia

Change Of Plans

Hello Dear Readers...

So last week I posted that I'd be in New York next month. Well, things have changed.

I have just purchased a ticket to London. I'm moving there. Yes, you heard correctly. I opted for England over the East Coast.

It hasn't really sunk in yet. I leave next Tuesday and I suddenly have to pack up all my belongings.

Anyhow, all that to say, if I'm a little slow on the blog updates this week it's because I'm getting ready to cross the pond.


Double Take: Caron and Cardellini

I was looking at some pictures of French film icon Leslie Caron tonight and I couldn't shake the feeling that she reminded me of someone. When I finally placed who it was, I was stunned by the resemblance. See for yourself: Leslie Caron v. Linda Cardellini (Brokeback Mountain). If they're planning a biopic of Caron's life, they've got to cast Cardellini as the title role.

Fashion Flashback

Louis Vuitton FW04 - Verrier SS07

17 September 2006


Julia Dunstall has got the farmhand-chic look down to a tee. As much as I like it on her, I don't think it's wearable for just anyone.

I've seen a lot of suspenders at Fashion Week, and I think they're a little more forgiving and wearable than the whole farmhand shebang.