07 September 2006

Audrey Hepburn in Gap?

I literally just saw the new Gap television ad. Do you know the one I'm talking about? The one in which they took Audrey Hepburns's original, adorable dance scene from Funny Face and played "Back in Black" by AC/DC in the background for the purpose of pushing their new skinny black pant?

When I first saw her face on screen I clasped my hands together and said, "Oh! Funny Face!" but my smile slowly faded as I heard the first four chords of "Back in Black". Then suddenly, ba BOOM... GAP Skinny Black Pants! My first reaction was confusion, and now my reaction has degenerated into all out irritation and disgust.
Apparently Gap "wanted to do something really special to re-launch our skinny black pants and thought who better to showcase them than actress Audrey Hepburn -- an iconic woman famous for dressing with sophistication and classic style."
Am I right in thinking it's a tad sacrilegious to use Audrey Hepburn's image long after her death to sell pants made in South American sweatshops when she spent her life as an ardent supporter of human rights?

Somehow I don't think she'd approve. Therefore, I boycott the Gap and their pants.

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Angel said...

That commercial was HORRID. :(