29 April 2008

un après-midi avec La Femme

I spent yesterday afternoon with La Femme and we had a lovely (if taxing) walk around Seattle, capped off with lemondrop cocktails (we couldn't find mojitos).

Before La Femme went to India last winter, she asked me if I wanted a souvenir. I asked her to bring me back something red and gold (my favorite combination). She brought me back a whole bag full of beautiful red and gold items, including pillowcases, bangles, earrings, a table runner and a sari.
I'm spending six weeks traveling in Mexico this summer, so I've promised to bring her back a whole bag full of Mexican loot as a thank you.

On another note, sorry for the lack of blogging. I'm getting ready to graduate in June, but I'm also going to be traveling quite a bit in the coming months.

Here's my schedule:

May: San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose
June: New York City, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Acapulco
July: New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut

I hope to blog about my travels, so check in periodically.

Much Love,

19 April 2008


Gustave Doré looks fantastic with his variously checkered raiments.

How To: Gold Accessories

"Kashmiri Muslim women prayed outside the shrine of Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani, a Sufi saint, during the saint's yearly commemoration, in Srinagar, India." - New York Times

Quote of the Day

It's been awhile since I posted on Lou Doillon, but because she was recently in the New York Times, I'll post my favorite quote from the interview.

"What attracts me is something broken, something a bit off. I never comb my hair or make anything pretty. When people look too beautiful, it's too easy. I know I'm dressed wrong if the businessman turns his head. But I like to think that after an hour of sitting next to me on the train, he'd look. I'd have grown on him... Someone suggested I design men's wear. I should. I have such trouble dressing up as a girl."

10 April 2008

Frolicking Belarussian Child Models

Ekaterina Atrakhimovich's show in Minsk. The creation on the right looks a little Sesame Street-ish, no?

Burberry Afghan

That is to say, an Afghan wearing Burberry...

Vivid Nepalese Textiles

Women in Nepal line up to vote. When I went to the polls last month for the primary, I can assure you the line looked much more bleak.

09 April 2008

Sudanese Sartorialism

My friend is working for an NGO in Sudan, where he took this picture. I'm totally fascinated by this woman's dress, but I can't figure out what the picture on it could possibly mean. Any ideas?