30 January 2007

Black Isn't Always Classic

I used to think that you couldn't go wrong with all black.

I don't even know where to begin. Maybe this is innovative, or maybe she's just exhausted every other option. We've seen a similar spankie-clad look from Sienna before, and it didn't take off the last time either. I hope she shelves this look once and for all.

28 January 2007

Not Already.

Why are Tinsley Mortimer and Kate Cruise trying to transport me back to the mid-90s before I'm ready?

Tinsley's mermaid/Hawaiian(?) babydoll dress is a flashback to some awful Melrose Place-era show.

With Kate's minty/fluffy/lacy Armani prom-type gown, paired with dark lips, she might as well be at a circa-Melrose Place awards show.

(pics courtesy of style.com)

18 January 2007

Aspiring To Androgyny

My friend, Anje, got her hair done recently. The result was, what we called, 'Anje Warhol'. Last night we decided to cut four inches of fringe off and the result was eerily reminiscent of Agyness Deyn. Don't you think?