29 April 2008

un après-midi avec La Femme

I spent yesterday afternoon with La Femme and we had a lovely (if taxing) walk around Seattle, capped off with lemondrop cocktails (we couldn't find mojitos).

Before La Femme went to India last winter, she asked me if I wanted a souvenir. I asked her to bring me back something red and gold (my favorite combination). She brought me back a whole bag full of beautiful red and gold items, including pillowcases, bangles, earrings, a table runner and a sari.
I'm spending six weeks traveling in Mexico this summer, so I've promised to bring her back a whole bag full of Mexican loot as a thank you.

On another note, sorry for the lack of blogging. I'm getting ready to graduate in June, but I'm also going to be traveling quite a bit in the coming months.

Here's my schedule:

May: San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose
June: New York City, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Acapulco
July: New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut

I hope to blog about my travels, so check in periodically.

Much Love,


Bobble Bee said...

La femme, the loveliest blogger!! what a shame a missed her when she was in NY :(

ailsa said...

I agree!

la femme said...

Aw, thank you. The earrings look beautiful on you!

ailsa said...

I'll find you some equally lovely Mexican earrings.