01 May 2008

Steve & Barry's

The Times has an article on ultra-cheap clothing chain Steve & Barry's. I've never been to one because, well, there isn't one near me and I was worried about the whole sweatshop thing. (Apparently they don't use sweatshops? Is this possible? I'm not convinced).

Anyway, I'm curious to know if anyone has shopped Steve & Barry's and is willing to review the quality of the clothes?



Marta said...

there is one in one of the more shady malls in st. louis (i carried a small pocket knife in once). It's a very college store, and a majority of the floorspace is dedicated to threadless-type tshirts with sexual or drug innuendos or stolen (?) college logos. I bought some of SJP's Bitten line there and the quality sucked (seams ripping out, etc.) but the cut of the clothing was awesome. They give a lot of information on their website about their company and how they keep prices down.

how do you do hyperlinks in comments on blogger?

Kira Fashion said...


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