17 September 2006


Julia Dunstall has got the farmhand-chic look down to a tee. As much as I like it on her, I don't think it's wearable for just anyone.

I've seen a lot of suspenders at Fashion Week, and I think they're a little more forgiving and wearable than the whole farmhand shebang.


eurobrat said...

Well, She's canadian- if that's any excuse. Jess Stam is the [other Canuck] who actually grew up on a farm.

Cannot stand overalls. Even on models.

Ailsa said...

No, no... don't blame the Canadians. I like Canadians.

Americans have got to be partially to blame.

But then again, I blame Americans for everything anyway.

eurobrat said...

Haha, glad I'm Canadian then.