18 September 2006

Roland Mouret For Gap, Kate Moss for TopShop

I don't have any details beyond this, but I'm a tad flabbergasted.

Roland Mouret has designed a capsule collection of dresses for GAP UK. The main piece is a fuchsia dress with a dark purple top and black straps.

How have I not heard about this yet? Maybe because it's just for Gap UK? At any rate, I'll be living in the UK as of next week and might have to check this out... despite my boycott of Gap.

There's also a rumor about Mouret doing a television program with Victoria Beckham. Yikes.

The next rumour is that Kate Moss will be designing for TopShop. I'm sure she'll come up with something smashing and I'm glad I'll be there to witness the stuff firsthand. But honestly, I'm getting a little sick of her name. There's too much of a good thing, you know. She's got 14 contracts, does she really need a clothing line?

This is all getting too weird and convoluted for me... what's next? Phoebe Philo for American Eagle? Marni for Mervyn's? Viktor & Rolf for Abercrombie & Fitch? Nothing surprises me anymore.


eurobrat said...

I hate Gap but would definitely beeline down to any local UK one if there was a promise of RM. Even a Gappish version of RM is worship worthy.

jessica said...

Iam tired of the fact that EVERY ad campaign features Kate Moss, isn't she retired?!

Have you seen Mouret's ex-assistant Todd Lynn's collection?? It is fantastic!

Kori said...

I'm excited for it, but I know that if you bought the dress, EVERYONE would know where it came from (kind of like the green plaid dress that luella bartley had for target). By the way, love your blog! look at it every day!
love, Kori

Anonymous said...

Viktor&Rolf for H&M

Anonymous said...

seems like a perfect match to me. two of the things I hate the most, Topshop and Kate Moss, I wouldnt expect anything else. And the fact that Vogue are goo-goo ga ga about it just sums it all up. Bloody generic, trendy & filthy. How I hate Vogue, I mean to state that Colleen Mcloughlin is 'beautiful and has a unique sense of style' and include her in it just makes me sick. That is what fashion equated to now- sickening.