19 December 2007

Clan Destined

With all the plaid around, I decided to look into my own connection to tartans. Like many people, I have a pan-European heritage, including Scotch, English, Dutch, Czech and French. My Scottish ancestors were from the Kennedy clan. I am named after the Scottish island Ailsa Craig and my name in Gaelic is Aillse. As a child, I did Highland dancing (and thought I was alone till I found out my friend, La Femme, Highland danced as well!).

The Kennedy seal - "Consider The End" (how ominous):
And the Kennedy tartan:Does anyone else have any clan pride that they're willing to wear on their sleeve?

Style, Elle


EyeMags said...

You can see this blog on your mobile. Look at http://mippin.com/app/faces/jsp/getMippin.xhtml?id=5199 to see what it will look like and then go to your phone and type...


It's totally free. Hope you like it. Tell your friends if you do.


la femme said...

I recently pulled my Highland gear out to try on again. The kilt really is fabulous, but the puff sleeved blouse and tartan socks are less forgiving.