27 August 2006

Agyness Deyn: Supply and Demand

I have taken it upon myself to promote the hell out of Agyness Deyn. I first posted on her a few weeks ago when there were only eight
Google results for her name. Now there are thirty-three.

Because I'm able to track page referrals for this site, I have seen a massive influx of international traffic due to my post on Agyness on August 14th, most likely because I Hate Generic is the first link that pops up on Google.

Obviously people are searching for her so I'm posting again.

Keep Googling her! The Google results are increasing every day and that can only do good for her career. Supply and demand, supply and demand.


eurobrat said...

She was at Rock en Seine music festival in Paris on Friday- number 1 in the facehunter's post.

maria said...

she is all style! cool girl.
hope she has some brains...

Lauren said...

She's such a beauty. She's been in quite a few fashion shows recently, man. I thought she was all over the place, but I guess not yet.