04 March 2007

Sunday Afternoon

Currently reading The Stranger by Albert Camus and listening to Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder. My favorite movie most recently seen is Half Nelson. Ryan Gosling is devastatingly good in it.

Wearing a $5.99 vintage dress that is navy blue satin, with a boat neck, true waist, and a painstakingly pleated skirt to the knee. I'll try to post a picture of my latest finds soon. I think I've purchased five cardigans this week. I'm obsessed.

Wearing two new (but antique) gold bangles that cost $1 each. Just saw Jessica Stam wearing an identical one in the new Vogue that I know didn't cost $1.

Enjoying my new balayage. I was inspired by Carrie's lazy grow-out in Sex and The City, season four I think. I want hair that I can let grow out lazily. It's similar to Gisele's summer-highlights-grown-out look.

Spent the afternoon in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Went to the B&O Espresso with Anje and ordered drip coffee and oatmeal. Their oatmeal comes with pecans, dried apricots and golden raisins. It's as good as a $7 bowl of oatmeal should be.

It's always nice to be in the B&O. The decor is so varied and beautiful, and in parts very Parisian. It's worlds above the average chain café, and the only place in Seattle that feels European in the slightest.

When I have a place of my own, I want it to have checkered tiles and purple walls with random pieces of antique furniture and vibrant artwork.

And lots and lots of coffee.

I start at the University of Washington on the 26th of the month. I can't believe that I'm 22 and only a junior, but I suppose it's for the best. My half-assed approach to my studies thus far has allowed for a lot of globetrotting. I'm excited to study again though. I'm finally ready to study.

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