04 March 2007

Chloë Sevigny

I have to admit to having a bit of a girl-crush on Chloë Sevigny. I don't know that I've even seen any of her work, other than Boys Don't Cry, but I can't help but crush on people who exude un-genericness. (Is there a more eloquent word for 'un-genericness'? 'Originality' seems too generic a term, ironically.)

My friend, Elizabeth, lived in the same West Hollywood apartment building as Chloë Sevigny. She used to see her hauling laundry in the hallway and see fat packages (scripts) shoved in her mailbox. Part of me wanted to be uncool and try to see her 'in passing' and then fanatically blurt, "I love your style... I love how you make stringy hair look amazing and how you never wear what everyone else is wearing and how you've always worn high-waisted jeans and how you don't always try to look 'pretty' and you always look comfortable in your skin." But pride and reason prevailed and prevented me from stalking her in her own apartment.

She's not empirically attractive; or maybe I should say she's not traditionally attractive. At any rate, she's never sold out or conformed to the parochial tabloid 'fashionista' trends.

Here she is in Luella at the premiere of Zodiac. Her dress reminds me of tulips, and even more of YSL two years ago. But I love it and its pockets. And I love that she can wear it without looking like a Barbie.

(pic courtesy of style.com)


eurobrat said...

I love her too. To bits.

Andrea said...

I like that she has so much verve, but I hate those giant white sunglasses that look like the novelty glasses that you get at a carnival. That pink dress is quite something, though.