17 August 2007

au revoir, adiós, auf Wiedersehen, arrivederci, さようなら, adeus, vaarwel

I'm off to the grand old Midwest and I don't seem to blog whilst I travel (note the huge gap from 9/06-01/07). This time I'm only gone for five weeks. Enjoy the end of summer.

Be back in time for Fall fashions. xo, IHG

P.S. In the mean time, here's a pretty video to watch (esp. if you like Piet Mondrian).


JoNae Villeneuve said...

Great blog, and amazing photos! I'm also starting a fashion blog chronicling the latest in fashion on my college campus with commentary by yours truly. Check it out at http://jonaevilleneuve.wordpress.com/ I will definitely continue reading up on your blog.

Ailsa said...

Thank you! I'll be happy to check it out.


JoNae Villeneuve said...

No way! That's amazing that you got to do her make-up. Was that before she became an iconic TV style guru?

Ailsa said...

Well, I'm not too familiar with the trajectory of her career, but it was in Spring 2005. It was just a one-time thing and I was hired independently.

She's usually not in Los Angeles and didn't have her artist with her.

eurobrat said...

Miss you already.

:: mimi :: said...

Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me ha encantado. Serás una de mis rutinas diarias una vez finalizadas tus vacaciones. Disfrútalas!!

Un fuerte saludo desde España.


P.D.: Espero que no te haya importado que te haya escrito en español.

Ailsa said...

Noemí- ¡Muchas gracias por el elogio! Escribe en español si tu quieres - necesito practicar!