09 August 2007

They Used a Stand-In

I know that this is supposed to be Gwyneth Paltrow, but I'm pretty sure it's Carmen Kass. What did they do to Gwyneth?


Anonymous said...

are you serious????

its Gwyneth Paltrow !!!!!!!
NOT carmen kass.

Ailsa said...

Yes, I know that it is GP, but it actually looks more like Carmen Kass! They went a little hogwild with the photoshopping I think.

gilda said...

i stared hard at the mag when i saw it in the news stand. it's SO different from gwyneth!! SO photoshop!

Anonymous said...

Romina Lanaro is a top model from Argentina, and i almost sure she is the person in this picture . Be well, Alexia.

Anonymous said...

it's called makeup on the eyebrows. i don't see any photoshop work at all.