13 May 2007


Contrary to what's being dictated to me in magazines right now, red is the color I'm reveling in. Although it's not a traditionally spring-y color (Easter egg blues and yellows are), I'm finding it very fun (see previous posts on the Met Ball and My New Dress). I've especially been enjoying red lip colors (Aveda's Claret, Geranium and Rambutan colors), fiery red nail polish by Spa Ritual, and a red beret. Maybe it's overkill, but it's punchy. Whenever I wear red lipstick people come up to me and say, "I wish I could wear red!" I say, "Do it! Wear red!"

For some reason, many people think they don't have the right pigmentation for red. But I'm here to say, I've been a makeup artist long enough to assure you that there are actually very few people who can't wear red. There are so many variations of red... so experiment. Find your red. And if you can't do red lips, do red nails.

The Sartorialist snapped a picture of this girl in Stockholm, making the most of shades of red.

(pic courtesy of style.com)


dianabobar said...

you should wear red more often!

discothequechic said...

Dont know why, but the girl it this picture realy reminds me and mary kate...

S xx

A said...

You can look at her blog at www.sigrid.webblogg.se if you want to see more of her outfits! She's one of the biggest fashion bloggers in Sweden even though she is just 17. Quite an accomplishment!