14 May 2007

Stuck In A Rut

Today is a beautiful spring day and it will probably be in the 70s this afternoon. But I've come down with a bug and a fever, so I'm indoors consuming zinc lozenges and Airborne tablets.

Because I've been so busy with school, or maybe just because I'm lazy, I'm completely stuck in a fashion rut. I'm too tired to even bother with pulling my spring/summer clothes out of storage. I've been wearing some variation on flannel and cardigan every day. It's awful. The last two times I've gone out (once to an art show, once to a concert) I've been the most underdressed person there. Which, I suppose, suits me more than being the most overdressed. But still... I'm beginning to bore myself. Look at these pictures taken in the last month:

Are you noticing the theme? I need to get in gear, get out my sundresses, and quit dressing like a farmer.


eurobrat said...

I understand completely. I have seven courses right now and consequently have a rotating wardrobe of about four outfits.

La Principessa said...

Haha. I have finals right now, all in the form of final essays (75 pages down, 12 to go!), and I feel like I'm making a huge effort if I make it out of sweatpants.

F.M. said...

Being busy reminds us that fashion can be fickle and functional. But Spring has sprung, and so I say, make fashion fun, might a wee shopping indulgence cure the stuck-in-a-rut blues? ;)