09 May 2007

My New $6 Dress

I had some time between classes today and I popped into a consignment store to look for a dress. I found an amazing vintage Saks Fifth Avenue dress circa 1970 for $10, but it was significantly damaged. Then I found this handmade dress and tried it on. It's nearly a perfect fit, except it puckers a bit in the back. But for $6, who can complain?


dianabobar said...

looks great.
you should have more time to search around and find vintage stores.
I love vintage, most of my dresses are vintage.
Check out the last "Animal Print" photo shoot I did myself, posted on my blog, So FASH'on. Feedback is really appreciated. That's where I learn from!!

ps: most clothes used (the turban is made from the first animal print dress) are vintage:)
Thanks and kisses,

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Please check mine out!

Charlie said...

Wow.! What an awesome find. I am in love with your handmade dress. It looks pretty beautiful.