28 February 2007

Bisous, Balenciaga!

Last season I complained about what I felt was laziness on the part of Nicolas Ghesquière. Though his Mod-recycled looks were fabulous, they were, well, recycled. I am excited to see that he took a completely different route for Fall 2007! This is the kind of fashion that inspires me. Vive la mode obscure!

Blazer after beautiful blazer came down the runway. Many models gave off a vibe of posh English sportsmen. Others looked layered and comfy, like they were wearing laundry day outfits. Others looked exotic and peasant-like. Vibrant pashminas paired with stripes. Primary-colored heels and tweed. Argyle and velvet.

(pics courtesy of style.com)

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Andrea said...

I LOVE the trousers, with their puffy hips and straight legs, and the bright colors. Love them, love them.