24 February 2007

Adopting The Arcane

Less obvious fashion choices always catch my eye. Less obvious choices eliminate, by definition, generic choices. And by generic, of course, I mean over-played, over-exposed and unoriginal fashion. Carrie Bradshaw immediately lodged herself into the canon by making consistently less-obvious choices. When 'safe' dressers and less experimental people look at Carrie's wardrobe, they immediately run to their fashion manuals and say, "See, look! You're never supposed to mix patterns!" or "I knew it! Never wear black and navy!" But the fact is, these people can rarely pull off any outfit, no matter how textbook, because their insecurities overshadow their fashion. Carrie may have been neurotic, but she could confidently strut in any ensemble.
This fashion season has been overwhelmed by outfits I would call 'safe'. Black has dominated almost every runway. I love black, and I wear it frequently, but unless you're Sienna Miller, it's basically impossible to go wrong with it. There's no element of risk.
Which is why Missoni and Pucci have revitalized my interest in the season. Note the blending and layering of textures, patterns, casual and couture; bulky, matte knits over chic high sheen; cool hats.
(pics from style.com)

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the_kitten said...

this is real fun, and fashion is fun... I love the 2.,3. and last pics, I love the sihouettes and pattern and materialmixes in those ones. though I really never thought carrie bradshaw looked good ... I'm feeling like I am one of the only ones...