15 February 2007

Models of Style

The New York Times has an article called "Tasty Tastemakers of The Runway" featuring the personal styles of models.
Savvy, inventive and often cash-strapped, models are adept at improvisation, mastering the mix of high and low. Their off-hours attire, pieced together from designer collections and vintage finds, is scrutinized as an indicator of fashion’s next hits.
It seems many young models are following in the footsteps of their wide-eyed predecessor Penelope Tree, while others are getting back to their 1980s roots.

I'm excited to see a pair of menswear Oxfords worn backstage. I recently purchased a nearly-identical pair second-hand and have found I can wear them with anything. I've worn them with skinny jeans, cuffed jeans, mini-dresses and mini-skirts. They're the ultimate in versatile footwear.

pics courtesy of NYT


Felice Russo said...

I love agyness !!!!!!!!!!!!

Felice Russo said...

Agyness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her style !!!!!!!!!!!