10 June 2008


Tomorrow I set out on my summer travels. On the way to New York, I have a four-hour layover at LAX, so my friend is meeting me to hang out for a bit at the airport. I arrive at JFK around 6am on Thursday and have to haul my ass and my luggage all the way to my sister's apartment in Princeton (this requires taking trains from JFK to Penn Station to Princeton and serves as a nice incentive for packing light). Once I've dumped by bags, I'll probably head right back into the city.

This is seven-weeks worth of clothes and toiletries crammed into one small suitcase (I do have a carry-on, but it's carrying books and my MacBook).

I got a new camera yesterday, so I'll do my best to post pictures as I'm able.

Hope everyone's beginning to enjoy the summer. Anyone have travel plans?


pretty face said...

How fantastically colourful! the most beautiful packed suitcase I've ever seen.. I'm assuming you must have hidden the manky pyjamas at the bottom (or maybe it's just me with manky pyjamas...)
Anyway, I just hope that they don't pick you for random security checks.

Margherita. said...

Nice packing. I always end up with multiple suitcases, even for a week. I don't know how you did it!

ailsa said...

PF - I was really inspired to bring all my most vibrant clothes. Death to drab!

M - I could've easily packed more, but traveling alone, I have no one but myself to employ as a pack mule!

la femme said...

Oooo, what colourful, expert packing.

What kind of camera did you get? I'm saving for a Canon DSLR.

ailsa said...

I just got a canon powershot750 elph. I was going to get the 1100 model, but I didn't see a notable difference, other than the price!