16 June 2008


After one day back in Cuernavaca, I remember why it's called "The City of Eternal Spring." The weather is ideally warm, never too muggy and often with a cool breeze. It's especially pleasant with a glass of guayaba juice. Guayaba is the official fruit of Morelos.

Today my language school threw a fiesta for los estudiantes nuevos. Some local women came and performed traditional dances. I tried to get some "in action" shots, but they were too quick on their toes for my camera.

Afterwards, I ate tacos and fruit with chiles till I nearly burst.


la femme said...

How beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics. I'd love to see them dance.

ailsa said...

I definitely thought of you when I saw the ladies with their gorgeous hairpieces and piles of jewelry. You would've love it.