17 June 2008

The "Aggy"

Whoa, whoa... The Daily Mail needs to do some homework. Cool kids got the "Aggy" back in January 2007, or even December 2007.


Andrea said...

I'm a cool kid? I'm flattered!

It IS really weird that people are just catching onto the "Aggy"... currently, my question is: do you think that grown-out asymmetry will ever come back into style, a la my mom's high school graduation photo? (Har har)

Call me when you have a free moment.. I'm not on vacation anymore.

ailsa said...

Answer to question: YES... especially if you have really piece-y bits around the perimeter, esp. your face.

I'll see what I can do - but calling from Mexico isn't as easy as I'd hoped... some evil corporation owns all telecommunication and jacks up the price insanely high.