07 February 2008

A Missive for Perez Hilton

People who read this blog know that I've loved Agyness Deyn since I first posted on her on August 14, 2006. At the time, I wrote this about her: "...when you Google this girl there are only nine results. It won't be that way for long. This twenty year-old British model is destined to be the next big thing." For the following months, my blog was the first Google hit for Agyness Deyn.

On August 27, 2006 I wrote this: "I have taken it upon myself to promote the hell out of Agyness Deyn. I first posted on her a few weeks ago when there were only eight Google results for her name. Now there are thirty-three."

Well, that was one and a half years ago. Now there are almost 200,000 hits for Agyness on Google, because as all of us who love and keep up with fashion know, Agyness was definitely The Model of 2007, and maybe even 2006, depending on whom you're asking.

Which is why I find it very amusing that Perez Hilton, who often likes to claim having "discovered" people (like Robyn, who's been around for over a decade and who I danced to in eight grade), posted this today, speaking in the Royal "We", as is his wont: "Miz Deyn is gonna break out in 2008. Mark our words!"

Just to clarify, I do not claim to have discovered Agyness either. I'm pretty sure a scout did, and then her agents. But I will say that a certain blogger who likes to speak authoritatively about all kinds of things (like the supposed death of Castro), has really stepped outside his bounds on this one, and I'm calling FOUL.

I may only be speaking for myself, but I'm sure a few people will concur when I say: Let the fashion bloggers blog on fashion, "Miz"ter Hilton, and you can keep to your own vocation of drawing semen on people.

Much love,


Andrea said...

Well put. I remember when you first gave my hair the chop, pixie-style, and whenever anyone commented on it, I said my inspiration was Agyness Deyn. People didn't know who she was, and I said, "Oh, you will. Just wait." Sure enough, all sorts of people are now recognizing my haircut for what (and who) it is.

I believe everyone in the blogging fashion world knows to whom credit is due, Elzuh Hopper.

Jessica said...

lol. my thoughts exactly! love your blog :)

CremeDeLaCreme said...

yes yes yes.
i hate perez, he should def stay away from fashion, i think his hair choices speak for himself.

Nathalie said...

I kinda think he announces her as a pop icon, loved by the mainstream, in 08. His field, the stuff he writes about. I dont think he talks about her getting her break through in the fashionworld, of course he knows shes around for some time, right?

I found IHG because of the first post about agyness :)

Margherita. said...

I thought it was weird too. He only knows who she is because, no offense to her admirers, but she is a bit over shown.

He does to a certain degree 'discover' a lot of bands/singers though. He can take close to unknown artists and make them huge itune hits.

Kim said...

seriously. what a joke.

Adam Jackson said...

Hilarious! Love this posting. -I've kept up on your blog for awhile now. One of my favorites.

Adam Jackson said...

Sorry if this got sent multiple times, my bad.

ailsa said...

I have to admit I was a little blindsided when I saw your name in my inbox, Adam.

I didn't know you were a reader, but I'm glad you enjoy it! How did you even know I have a blog?

Adam Jackson said...

I honestly cannot remember. A fashion article search?
GENERIC may have been the key word that brought me to it. I am online all day at work, so blogs are my magazines.