26 April 2007

Pass The Buck

Really? Antlers? I rarely buy into fads, but I don't know who will buy into this. Will you?
As metaphor for a bucolic ideal, antlers are fine. But their proliferation in fashion (in jewelry and graphics on T-shirts and hoodies) and home design (as candlestick holders and chandeliers) suggests a deeper societal meaning. To be sure, in various cultures, antlers symbolize masculine aggression, regeneration, sacrifice, financial stability and, in some cases, Satanism (see Joan Fontaine in “The Witches”). In popular culture, they are likely to mean something else entirely, but what?


dianabobar said...

My take on wearing golden leggings with casual outfits, everyday:

Thanks, have a great day!

Jessica said...

I am actually buying into this, i saw a necklace recently and was smitten.