19 April 2007

Guinness, The Wall

School and midterm-prep have been taking a toll on my fashion creativity. Living off of caffeine, Emergen-C and four hours of sleep isn't great for the body or mind. Lately I've been craving the perfect school clothes... easy, and above all, comfortable. I have a few t-shirts that are nearly translucent from use, and I love them dearly. The Guinness t-shirt that I'm wearing below has been a good friend to me for nine years. My outfits recently consist of (aforementioned) comfy t-shirts, cardigans or hoodies or a trenchcoat, baggy ripped-up old jeans and Converse.

I have just added a new favorite t-shirt to my collection. The shirt below is from The Ryde and is a perfect combination of stretchy and soft. So soft. So reminiscent of a certain Pink Floyd album. Check out The Ryde's other fun t-shirts, too; I can't emphasize enough just how amazing this shirt feels.


La Principessa said...

Haha. I actually blogged about my own "finals fashion" last year. You're doing a lot better than I was--rather than going the route of comfortable and easy, I was doing sleep-deprived and effortless. Basically, I put whatever was nearest me on top of whatever I had worn to bed the night before. Sleep deprivation and fashion met in the form of sweatpants, a trench coat, and last night's eyeliner. Hang in there! I sure as hell know how it feels.

Kat said...

Your Guinness picture looks kind of terrifying, like those Zwinky things. I hope you get rest and grow your nose back... Nice shirt, by the way.

F.M. said...

Ah yes... the perfect school clothes. Hey, at least you're not wearing your a hoodie with you school's name emblazoned across the front!

The brick tshirt is rad.

Good luck with your exams!