05 September 2006

Designer To Know: Lyn Devon

Although well known in the fashion world, Lyn Devon is yet to enter household name territory. She has a resume that includes household names (Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen), a degree in Art History from Brown University, and a bevy of socialite and celebrity fans (Tinsley and Minnie Mortimer, Julia Stiles, Dhani Harrison, Lake Bell). She was recently interviewed by Fashion Weekly Daily and asked about her inspirations and upcoming S/S line:
I grew up in the city; I transferred from Brearley to Trinity for high school, and then at Brown, I started working in the theatre department. For a little while I considered becoming a writer, but I just couldn’t do it. Everything I had went back to sewing, sketching, I always saw things through the lens of design and clothing. I majored in Art History and all of that imagery—Klimt with his patterns and Whistler with the cut on the body, it all brought me back to the female form and clothing. You’re going to see a really feminine ethereal spring collection in a really soft, feminine palette, and you’re going to see a mix of fluid drapery and really soft, architectural form.
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(pic courtesy of FWD, Lyn Devon F/W 2006)

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