16 August 2006

Really? Is This The Best They Can Do?

I don't watch TV much at all, but I have fallen prey to America's Next Top Model (aka Tyra's Career Vehicle) at times, but only because it's confusing to me that they let girls on the show who look nothing like models. Some look like pageant princesses at best or former prom queens at worst.

I'm not saying that these girls aren't attractive, but certainly they're airbrushed into oblivion, which helps. Not a single one of them stands out from another. Am I wrong, or am I just over-critical? Refer to previous article on Lily Cole if you want to see true top model material.

You know those Conair ads in Vogue? I flip past them and think, "How the hell did this girl get in Vogue??! Who cast this? Who did the makeup? Who in all of God's Green Goodness came up with this idea? Who greenlighted this shit?"

And that, dear friends, is also my reaction to the new cast of America's Next Top Model.

UPDATE: Are the two girls in the second row down on the right TWINS? Dear God, please tell me they're not twins.


fusion boutique said...

I agree with you about ANTM. I was also pretty dissappointed with CNTM as well. I am not sure what they are looking for anymore? Seems to me it is "generic" for ratings on TV. Love the blog it is great. You should check out my blog it is far from generic!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that they have so many women of color on the show- and not just Black and Latina women. The face of modeling is changing, how can you compare those girls to "typical models"- women of color have been excluded from the biz for so long that we're still defining what a model of color "should" look like.

Expand your scope.

Ailsa said...

It has nothing to do with color. Certainly women of color can be models or look like models. This entire cast, regardless of color, looks nothing like model material.

Not a single one is eye-catching or versatile looking.

That's what modeling's about. I don't care what color the person is.

The point of my post was that this show casts people who would never make it as a real 'Top Model' because they all look like a prettyish girl next door.