16 August 2006

Raggedy Ann Kitsch

Well, I'm sick in bed today and am listening to my favorite album of all time, George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, in hopes that it will keep me optimistic. My sister just brought my coffee and a doughnut which worked splendidly as a mood elevator. (Yes, I can still eat doughnuts when I'm sick.)

My sick attire is a vintage smock shirt (late 70s) that is made of the softest cotton and has little puffed sleeves. On the front is an image of Raggedy Ann, holding a basket of wildflowers and there are butterflies flying around her (very 1970s). Sewed onto her is a little dress with a zipper. Yes, there's a little dress sewed onto the shirt. With a zipper. If you unzip this zipper, you can see her petticoats which read "I Love You." Fabulous, no? It's like a little wearable time capsule.

And it's serving as entertainment for a bored, sick blogger. Thanks for humoring me.


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