20 August 2006

Living Vicariously

I credit my sister Briallen with introducing me to fashion. I used to steal her Vogues and beg her to let me dress up in her vintage furs and red lipstick and YSL heels. She also let me watch Sex and The City when I was just fourteen and probably shouldn't have. She's a grad student at Princeton and is currently 'studying' in London, which includes lots of thrift shopping, eating out, attending concerts, and moseying around with my brother, Ian. She has the most amazing collection of dresses, of which any girl would be envious. I have decided to live vicariously through her since I cannot live fabulously in London... yet.

Bri with friend Nadia
Bri With Her Cute Vintage Luggage
Bri and Ian in Her Flat (see cute dress on wall)
Bri and Ian at Royal Albert Hall
Bri and Nadia at The Wolseley (dress from TopShop)

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