18 August 2006

Glorious Goodwill

Today I decided to raid the Goodwill. I usually go and fill my cart with anything that catches my eye, and my bill is never more than $50. It's a thrifty shopper's paradise. Especially if you're a shopper that likes vintage clothing.

I'm seriously spoiled by thrift shops because when I go into a department store, I literally cannot find one thing I like. It all looks cheap and bland and generic.

When I go to the Goodwill, there are shelves of vintage heels (Ferragamos!) with so much personality, how can a girl say no?

Today was by far one of my most successful days. I bought (for $50 remember): a plaid scarf; a wool gray plaid cropped coat (oooh so cute!); a YSL-looking hot pink silk dress (think Spring 2005 YSL); a gray sweater dress (Tess McGill, here I come); a leopard-print long-sleeved mini dress; a 3/4 sleeved psychedelic-patterned mini dress; a red and white striped cardie; black flats; chunky mod necklace and a big gray wool sweater.

These dresses are beyond cute. I'm so thrilled with them. I'll post pictures tomorrow, but for now I'm off to sleep.


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