25 August 2006

L.A.M.B. Lovin'

L.A.M.B. is coming out with a promising line of high-end purses this Winter. There will be two collections, Love and Signature.
The idea of the collection first of all was to create something timeless, something classic and with an irreverent twist. That’s why going into the design process, we came up with a concept that we really tried to stick with as we came up with the collection group: style after style, leather after leather. The bags themselves are closer to the European luxury feeling than the American contemporary handbag category. I think they’re highly differentiated but priced in the contemporary. Gwen’s unique personal take on fashion incorporated her signature elements like Rasta colors and the old English lettering. For spring, we’re incorporating velvet into the collection. For this first launch, there are two collections—the Signature collection and the leather collection which is called Love.
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