29 July 2006

Tracey Ross

I used to walk past the Tracey Ross boutique almost daily to sit in the sunshine and watch the Sunset Strip traffic while sipping my iced Coffee Bean coffee. It was a peaceful feeling of anonymity with the traffic backed up endlessly, Range Rovers and stretch Hummers idling in the heat, while I sat in the shade with a cool drink. When I got tired of people-watching, I'd windowshop at Tracey Ross and stare longingly at the clothes and then go home and dream about them.

Visit traceyross.com to enjoy. And nevermind the "Om/Serenity" category. It's L.A. Take it with a grain of salt. Everyone's Buddhist in L.A., even stores that sell leather. That's prohibited in Buddhism, right? Read the Monastic Code, people. And read traceyross.com

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