29 July 2006

Icon #3: Lauren Bacall

This was difficult for me because I have a stack of about twenty icons and I hate having to choose.

I chose Lauren Bacall because she was my first movie star ideal. I saw her in "To Have and Have Not" and I went right to the library and checked out her biography. I was mesmerized by her soft, wideset eyes and her rough, husky voice. Her hair always looked so soft. But most of all she looked strikingly similar to my Dad's mother, who had beautiful glamour shots taken of her in the early 1940s.

I even bought a paperback version of her biography and cut out the entire picture section to put on my wall.

She made me want to take up smoking (I did later), because who looks more beautiful smoking than Lauren Bacall?

1 comment:

JLTH said...

It also killed her wonderful iconic husband. Now that's beautiful.