27 July 2006

Scarlett Hearts $$

Scarlett Johansson is the new designer and face of Reebok and is promoting a campaign called "Scarlett Hearts Rbk". This alarms me on a few levels, but primarily because Scarlett doesn't look the least bit athletic (she was a very unconvincing tennis player in 'In Good Company' and she has cellulite in the picture above, Lord love her). Secondarily, does she even know how to design? Thirdly, she apparently wants to be Stella McCartney, but can she possibly rival the Stella-Adidas success? Fourth and lastly, much to my chagrin, but to her agents' delight, I guess she's pursuing a career in spokesmodeling. So much for being the next Great Actress. I'm pretty sure Meryl Streep was never the face of L'Oreal and Reebok, and she's done well for herself. What's next, Scarlett, ProActiv?

Love the Stella McCartney dress, by the way.

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