27 July 2006

Done With The Dead

It was kitschy rock'n'roll-cool when Alexander McQueen started it, but now it's just Avril Lavigne/Hot Topic obnoxious. I enjoyed Pirates of The Caribbean as much as the next Johnny Depp fan, but now the all-pervading skull trend needs to, uh, die.

And mostly because it's such a flash in the pan... people will look back in a year and go, "Why the hell did I spend $500 for a scarf with a skull on it? Everyone will know it's last year's scarf. I'm such a sell out! My God! What have I become??" At least I hope that's what they'll say.

Sadly, the skull thing has digressed down to local mall level. That means any girl with $20 bucks in her pocket and the latest Us Weekly in her hand is sporting a skulled-something, like sunglasses with skulls encrusted on them, or a skullcap with skulls on it. Ugh.

Enough. Move on. Leave the skulls to the haute houses and go buy a floral blouse.

(Image courtesy of nytimes.com)

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