25 November 2008

Winter Wear

I'm learning to adjust to New York's winter weather. The frigidity is ravaging my skin. When I walk from the subway to work, the cold feels like needles jabbing into my face, my eyes start tearing and my mascara starts running. There's really no point in styling hair either, because it's at the mercy of the elements. I've learned to just twist my hair into a super-tight bun and cover as much of my face as possible, in an attempt to look halfway professional when I walk into the office.

I've also recently acquired the following weather-conscious and classic New York items:

Coach's Great American Trench:
Two pairs of Coach's Whitley Boot in Whiskey and Black. They're so sturdy and classic, and hopefully will sustain me through many future east coast winters.


littledingman said...

love the boots! been thinking about a pair of these, do you love them?

Uptown Girl said...

YES! They're so versatile and riding boots are timeless.

tmrdh09 said...

I have been looking everywhere for theseboots! I live in Chicago so our winters are very similar. They are sold out in the stores and ebay and craigs list only have too large of sizes. I am searching for a size 7 or 7.5-in the black. Any ideas where I could find them, or if yours are that size any chance you'd be willing to sell?