24 May 2008

Santa Cruz Style

You can almost get high by just inhaling in Santa Cruz. People's conversation is peppered with "bro" and "right on" and the city is extremely chilled out. I'm tempted to move here and hang out with happy stoned hippies. Make sure to stock up on George W. Bush toilet paper.


karla said...

ahahah! loved this post :)

Yetunde said...

oh this is great. hahaha. to the toilet paper. i wonder who came up with that idea!!! i look forward to hanging out with the hippies when i return to california.

la femme said...

Ha! That toilet paper is pretty perfect.

L.Cerre said...

haha....man, I miss Santa Cruz now. I use to live there before I moved to nyc. 2 very different worlds....and do you know that the slug is the UC Santa Cruz mascot? how appropriate.



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