15 May 2008

Forward Thinking Fashion

Only in Europe. The U.S. is too regressive to catch onto something so progressive as teaching inmates skills and trades to reincorporate them back into society as contributors.

"A model displays a creation during a fashion show in San Vittore prison in Milan, May 14, 2008. A group of fashion designers have created a local cooperative called 'Sartoria San Vittore' to help prisoners learn job skills. Female inmates have learned tailoring skills from cooperative members and have made costumes for theatre and television." - Reuters


la femme said...

Brilliant. All prisons should have programs like this.

raabia said...

Not as regressive as you think. It's actually an extremely common practice for prisons to offer vocational training for inmates. Yes, even in the U.S.

Visit UNICOR for details about the history of these programs.

ailsa said...

raabia - that's good to know about.

I'm still concerned about the rising number of prisons and the rising number of imprisoned.

tamako said...

That's great.

Hmm, I also remember last year in Brazil there was a show in which the fashion was designed solely by prostitutes and other sex workers. Maybe it's not just Europe that offers these kind of programmes.