06 February 2008

J'Adore Jumeau

I'm always looking for animal-friendly, eco-friendly fashions that are interesting to look at. So often the ethical product lines are, well, bland.

I've been keeping my eye out for a new purse that is functional (I'm always lugging too much stuff - notebooks, a MacBook, textbooks), attractive (I'm underwhelmed by the gazillions of canvas totes I'm seeing), and vegan (if I can save an animal's hide, I will).

So imagine how pleased I was to be introduced to Jumeau. I've just added two new bags to my collection from Jumeau's Green Collection, made of organic cotton.

I got the Keri and Wisdom models - they're just the right size for a laptop, books... everything. - the color, Deep Sea Bloo, is a beautiful, lush marbled turquoise and navy with gold accents.

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