17 November 2007

dark days

Sometimes I masochistically peruse the dress section on Net-a-Porter to see what I can't buy. It's a bit like strolling through a pricey art gallery, I suppose.

I notice they're taking a lot of dresses that could easily stand alone or function as summer dresses, and pairing them with dark accessories (belts, booties, tights and bags). It's a good idea if you aren't ready to pack up all your warm weather dresses. (Tear a page out of Kate Bosworth's book by adding big black boots and tights.)

Anna Sui

This Issa mini kimono is too lovely not to post. Although it's stunning as it is, it's a bit too chipper for the darker winter months. It, too, could be made to function by pairing it with black tights and black shoes. (But because I'm not subtle and I like color, I'd also wear it with excessive amounts of gold jewelry, red lipstick and red nails.)


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