23 November 2007

Buy (Almost) Nothing Day

Today is the day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday, aka Buy Nothing Day. While millions of people got up at 1am today to get to stores opening at 2am, I was sound asleep, and I hope you were, too.

Although I'm generally not a big spender anyway, and certainly not a mall shopper, I fully intended to comply with the anti-consumerist Buy Nothing Day agenda. However, I did walk to the local American Cancer Society shop. I figure it's not really spending if it's a charity shop. Is it? Or am I a hypocrite?

Anyway, I had amazing success, finding a silk DVF scarf...and a tablecloth/napkin set made of Gabrielle Cie fabric (that completely looks like it should be used in the mise en scéne of a Pedro Almodóvar film)...and for $1 this coffee table book on the innovative architect and Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. Did anyone else succumb to consumerism?


editor said...

not unless you count lunch.
i think the location where you made your purchases absolves you.

Ailsa said...

Phew... I was feeling a little duplicitous.

Good job not succumbing!