07 August 2007

Golden Gwyneth On W

I'm excited to see the new fall magazines. Gwyneth Paltrow nabbed W's cover (for its biggest issue ever). With her hair and makeup, she looks like she was plucked right off of a Versace runway.


eurobrat said...

The cover freaks me out. Not sure if it's the pose or the makeup.

I'm excited for the fall magazines too! Heading out to the newstands as soon as exams are done.

Ailsa said...

It's a bit intense, no? I think it's the pose more than the makeup.

Which magazines are you grabbing first?

Kajsa said...

She looks like she is made of some kind of weird plastic material. Not very pretty. And her hair, what about the Donatella Versace platinblonde??

Anonymous said...

she looks like a man, no?